Studio Policy

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  • Lessons missed by the student will not be made up or refunded.
  • Lessons cancelled by teacher will be refunded for case of extreme weather (classified as Unity schools closing for weather) or a sudden cancelation by teacher without 24 hour notice. If a lesson is cancelled by teacher with more than 24 hour notice, a make-up lesson will be arranged. If a make-up time cannot be arranged, the student will be issued a credit.

Financial Agreement

  • Tuition payments are due by the first lesson of the month.
  • Tuition covers the cost of lessons, time of creating lesson plans, and materials for recitals but does not include the price of books or price of competitions/professional music programs.


  • Generally, students are expected to master their weekly assignments and to practice at least five times a week. Ideally the practice time is thirty minutes for each day of practicing. It may include breaking the time into smaller chunks such as two slots of fifteen minutes each practice day.
  • For practicing accountability, the parent/legal guardian needs to sign the student’s weekly practice log.
  • Prior to practicing each day, the student is to read the assignment sheet.

Material and Equipment

  • The student is to practice on a full-size piano or keyboard with weighted keys, and if using an acoustic piano, the piano needs to be tuned on a regular basis.
  • The bench needs to be at a height where the arms are slightly above the keys. This can be accomplished by either using an adjustable bench or by placing cushions on the bench.
  • A 3-ring binder (or notebook) for lesson notes and music is to be brought to each lesson.
  • Flashcards Set A sold by Hal Leonard are needed for beginners. Feel free to contact me if wanting information on how to find them.

Evaluation/Recital Participation and Attendance

  • To help inspire and develop the student’s music ability more fully, the student is to participate in the fall recital, spring recital, and one professional evaluation program each year; exceptions are dealt with case by case situations such as sickness or family emergency.

Conduct at the Lesson

  • To help reduce spread of germs, hands are to be washed prior to start of lesson.
  • To maintain a clean and focused atmosphere, no eating, drinking, or gum chewing is allowed in the studio.
  • Cell phones are not to be seen or heard during the lesson.
  • Family members and friends of students are asked to remain in the waiting room to avoid distracting the student.


  • To allow for better hand posture, fingernails are to be kept decently short.
  • Because of many people using the studio and to keep skin from sticking to bench, student is not to wear shorts higher than a hand’s width above the knee or to wear skirts higher than the knee.
  • Any loose fitting shirt (t-shirt, dress shirt, sweater etc.) with sleeves is welcome during the lesson.


  • Lessons will not be interrupted by phone calls, so if calling during a lesson, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 612.440.5669
  • To best help the student learn, parents of elementary students are asked to enter the studio for the last five minutes of the weekly lesson so the parent can discuss and hear what the student is to practice for the week. Parents of older students are asked to attend the studio for the first fifteen minutes of a lesson once a semester to discuss the progress of the student.


  • Students and teacher must follow the copyright laws.

Waiting List Policy

  • Selecting waiting list students is based on the student’s ability, needs, commitment, and scheduling availability.

Lesson Termination

  • If after discussing with the teacher, a student decides that his/her own best interest would be to switch studios or to discontinue lessons, a written, four week notice must be given. Tuition will be assessed for these four weeks regardless of attendance.
  • In order to encourage responsibility and initiative, a student will be dismissed from the studio if:
    • Tuition is overdue more than twice in a year.
    • Misses lessons more than twice in a semester or is consistently late.
    • Consistently fails to practice and/or follow practice instructions.
    • Repeated disrespect or noncooperation.

Permission Waiver

  • By the parent’s signing of the contract, the studio has permission to take pictures and/or videos for promotional reasons including but not limited to flyers, website, and Facebook.

Emergency Contact Information

  • List current emergency contact information:___________________________________
  • In case of medical emergency, I will use my best judgement in obtaining medical care for your child, and you accept the responsibility for any related expenses. I will also attempt to contact the above number.


  • Student will not be declined from studio because of gender, race, or religion.
  • Because each student has different learning styles, students not well fitted for this studio will be given recommendations for other studios which may be better able to meet the students’ needs.

By signing the contract, student and parent agree to register for lessons and to abide by studio policies.

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