What is Declaring His Name?

Declaring His Name is a youth choral festival held every fall since 2011.

Declaring His Name is a weekend event where your youth choir, home school group, Christian school choir, or an individual young person may come and lift up their voices in song. It provides a fun opportunity to learn with other young people the delight of making music and how to sing unto our God in an organized choir. This event is for 7th grade through young adult (college age or 20’s) persons who love to declare God’s Name through the art of Music!

We are gearing up for a fantastic time of praising God in song and fellowshipping with believers. After rehearsing together on Friday night and Saturday, the event culminates with the young people providing a sacred concert—6:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 5th at First Baptist Church of Milltown, WI. All are invited to this worship service.

Check out a testimonial video highlighting the unique features of Declaring His Name.

Registration Times and Housing

Singers arrive Friday evening. Registration will be Friday, November 4th from 5:40-6:15 p.m. Overnight housing will be available Friday evening for the singers.

Registration Forms

Individual registration form Single Copy

Looking for multiple registration forms? Multiple Copies

Refund Policy

If a singer backs out, case-by-base refunds will be offered depending on whether the shirts and music have already been purchased.

Guest Conductor: Mrs. Christa Mielke founded Declaring His Name back in 2011 after a well-known outlet for singing young people was no longer available. She directed the festival for many years before moving to Austin, MN, and she is coming this year as our Guest Conductor. “Mrs. Christa has directed many choirs over the years, and she is passionate about praising God in song. Her enthusiasm pours out of her, and singers of any age are fascinated to sing under her leadership. Both the music and the text come to life when studying under her. As a singer, you can’t help but smile and have the time of your life when she directs. I am so excited that Christa Mielke is coming back to direct this year.” Jared Mielke

Director: Jared Mielke has been directing Declaring His Name since 2017. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano Pedagogy from Maranatha Baptist University and Master of Arts in Church Music from Maranatha Baptist Seminary. Jared operates kNOW Music Studio and is a well rounded musician. He has studied piano for 21 years and organ for 16 years. He has also received training in conducting at both the undergrad and graduate level. Jared is passionate in helping other people enjoy praising God in music. He is also involved with starting a music program at Valley Christian School.

Accompanist: Joy Mielke has been our accompanist since the founding of Declaring His Name. Her passion is teaching young people to love God and to know Him better as they worship Him in music. She understands that teaching people early in life “how to do music” and how to do it well is part of our gift of worship back to God. She serves as a pastor’s wife & has taught piano for over 40 years.

Participants’ Dress Code

     – Ladies may come modestly casual. No tight or low “scooping” shirts, inappropriate writing on shirts, tight pants, or ripped jeans. To wear with their polo for the sacred concert, they must bring a nice long, loose fitting skirt* (without any printing on it or front slits) and close toed dress shoes (no flip flops or tennis shoes).

*Skirt options include: black or denim

     – Guys may come modestly casual. No tight shirts, tight or ripped jeans, or inappropriate writing on shirts. Guys must bring dressy black pants, belt, black dress shoes (no tennis shoes) and black socks to wear with their polo for the concert.

Rehearsing and Recordings

All participants are responsible to have their music well prepared so we can maximize our time together. This means already knowing their parts well before coming! A recommended commitment of 20-30 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week is suggested. This preparation is essential. We look forward to your attendance!

Recordings of the songs will soon be posted here to make it easier to learn the songs and hear how they sound. Two of the individual songs will be posted below.

Growing Playlist of the Songs

People Need the Lord

Give Me Oil in My Lamp