Declaring His Name 2021

What is Declaring His Name? Declaring His Name is a youth choral festival held every fall since 2011. Declaring His Name is a weekend event where your youth choir, home school group, Christian school choir, or an individual young person may come and lift up their...

Worship Thru Song

The ladies have started a new study of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs called, “Worship Thru Song.” They will be studying the teachings of the texts to music. The first lesson can be heard at: Worship Thru Song – Week 1 Holy, Holy, Holy The next...

Luther and Hymns

When getting my BA and MA in music, I studied Martin Luther and his teachings on hymns and singing. Here is a paper I wrote during my MA in Church Music. Martin-Luthers-Thoughts-on-Music-With-Application-for-TodayDownload

The Importance of a Hymnbook

In August of 2020, I attended the virtual music conference put on my Majesty Music. Dr. Garlock and Mrs. Hamilton gave a wonderful workshop, and here are the notes from the workshop. The first PDF is from Dr. Garlock and Mrs. Hamilton. The second PDF has my notes from...

Psalms and Worship

This paper was written when working on my MA in Church Music from Maranatha Baptist Seminary. The-Book-of-Psalms-on-Music-in-Corporate-WorshipDownload