Hey, there. Here is a quick introduction of who I am. My name is Jared Mielke. I love living in the northern parts of this wonderful country.  snowflake_icon   snowflake_icon   snowflake_icon   snowflake_icon   Well, the snow can sometimes get old, but it is so beautiful for the first part of winter, and it is fun to brag about our temps to people who are not accustomed to living here.

I am launching kNOW (pronounced know-now) Music Studio, but you probably already knew that from being on this website. 🙂  I strongly believe that regardless of your musical or lack of musical training, kNOW Music Studio can help you make music NOW and in the future. “NOW” stands for Notes of Worth, and the “k” stands for knowledge. When putting them together in “kNOW,” it fits that you can have the knowledge for music NOW.







I love the piano and making music in a variety of ways. To me, it is so exciting to teach people about music, regardless of their age. Oh, by the way, I like the taste of tea far better than coffee. Just thought you might have been wondering.







Thanks for visiting this site, I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have.