The Thrill of Composing

Making music is way more than just playing what someone else has written. Making music also consists of the musician creating his/her own music. I love to make my own music, and I endeavor to guide my students towards having the desire, theory, and technical...

Summary of Music Masters Conducting Module

During the first full week of January, I had a wonderful time of taking a week long module conducting class for my masters program in music. The class was taught by the distinguished Dr. David Brown, and the week was packed with tons of learning. The class was...

Lesson Planning

Working with students and watching them learn is always such a privilege and something I cherish. Watching the students’ progress is so rewarding for me as a teacher.

Baroque History

What do you think of when you think of Baroque music? Do you think of boring music, harpsichords, or powdered wigs? These are often associated with Baroque music, but the Baroque era has so much more to offer and is quite interesting to learn about. Of the four main...


Hey, there. Here is a quick introduction of who I am. My name is Jared Mielke. I love living in the northern parts of this wonderful country. Well, the snow can sometimes get old, but it is so beautiful for the first part of winter, and it is fun to brag about our temps to people who are not accustomed to living here.