Working with One Way Media to produce the short clip has been an amazing experience. The recording process was a delightful time. During the interview, One Way Media made the process feel so natural and enjoyable instead of making it a nervous or stressful time.

Camera SetupI’m fascinated every time I watch people produce or edit their video production. Working with One Way Media was no exception. It was neat seeing how to set up the lighting for the video shoot. I also learned about gaffer tape and the astonishing way that it can be applied and removed multiple times to hold items for the filming process.

One Way Media worked tirelessly editing the footage to make the stellar video. I am very pleased with how One Way Media listened to input and changes that kNOW Music Studio was seeking. The film company then took those ideas and presented kNOW Music Studio with a video that we are very pleased to showcase.

It was also fun having Marcus there as a great helper and playing an important part of the interview.

Answer for the previous post: He finished making his first piano in the unlikely location of his kitchen. Facts from Steinway and Sons calendar. Check out the question at