kNOW Music Studio is pleased to announce the publishing of a Bible memory chorus book. Have you been looking for a way to memorize Bible verses? I’m sure you can relate with personal experiences where ideas set to music were so much easier to remember than without music. Even today, I’ll have songs I learned as a little child pop into my head randomly.

God has truly made our brains amazingly well, and He has given us the gift of memory. Now the level of how much we are willing to work on memorizing is up to us. When it comes to the Bible, may we memorize God’s Word so that we can live a victorious Christian life.

This collection of Bible verses set to music was composed primarily by Mrs. Joy Mielke with a couple songs having been composed by Mrs. Jean Ekblad and Mr. Jared Mielke. These songs are very catchy and are easy to remember. Caution – they might get stuck in your head, but that’s a good thing in helping to memorize and quote the Bible in just the time you need to be reminded of the Biblical truths.

kNOW Music Studio was delighted to assist in the publishing of this chorus book. The studio learned a lot in how to publish music books such as proof reading the notes and formatting the songs from Finale to other programs for printing. In the near future, recordings of the songs will be made available with the chorus books so even those who cannot play piano can benefit from learning and enjoying the Bible verses.

Each book is $10 plus shipping and handling. For information on purchasing copies of the chorus book, please contact Jared Mielke with the contact us tab or 612-440-KNOW (5669).