With summer comes lots of new adventures, times of rest, and great memories. I hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Sometimes, parents look for ideas to keep a little music learning still active and fresh in their children’s heads while still taking a summer break from the formality of weekly lessons. If you are looking for a little something fun to work on music with, here is an alternative way to learning notes instead of only using flashcards. It’s Treble Clef Bingo.

To play, one person can either call out notes and the other people look for the notes on the chart, or one person can randomly pull out flashcards, and the other people look for the notes on the charts.

Have fun!

Answer to previous blog post’s question: the hydraulic organ.

Neat facts about the hydraulic organ:

  • It was the first keyboard instrument ever
  • Pipe organ with wind power provided by water pump or natural source
  • Invented in 3rd century BC by a Greek named Ctesibius of Alexandria
  • Able to be loud even when played with a “light touch”

Treble Clef Bingo